We have full and part time vacancies available. Please contact the Preschool for further details, to arrange a visit or to submit your application form.

Download application form (150kB PDF)


  3 days 4 days 5 days
Finish time Daily rate Full weekly fee Less 20hrs ECE ($81) Full weekly fee Less 20hrs ECE ($90) Full weekly fee Less 20hrs ECE ($90)
3:00pm $59.50 - - $238 $148 $297.50 $207.50
4:15pm $67.50 $202.50 $121.50 $270 $180 $337.50 $247.50
5:30pm $75.50 $226.50 $145.50 $302 $212 $377.50 $287.50

Up to 20 hours of attendance per week (and up to 6 hours per day) can be subsidised through the Ministry of Education's '20 Hours ECE' programme.

Extending individual days for a later pickup is permitted if space is available.

Fees are payable a fortnight in advance by automatic payment beginning the week your child starts.

Fees include all extracurricular activities. This covers our music, gym classes and all trips and activities in the holiday programme.

Uniforms packs are additional (see below).

Uniform prices

Item Price
Jade Polar Fleece $45.00
Navy Long Sleeve T-Shirt $30.00
Navy T-Shirt $15.00
Navy Beanies $20.00
Navy Bucket Sunhat $20.00
Full Time Pack (4-5 days a week) $160.00
Part Time Pack (3 days a week) $145.00